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Let Us Bring Your Music TO LIFE

Hollywood-grade mixing and mastering for music of any genre

Ultra-Fast Turnaround Time!
We get it done in days, not weeks
Nobody said the music industry was gonna be easy.

In fact, many veterans will tell you it’s the most cutthroat line of work there is.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stay satisfied and small, and it definitely doesn’t mean you have to live with homemade mixing and mastering on your tracks.

We’re here to upgrade your sound and pull your career into the future.

True to you vision and vibe.

A lot of professional sound engineers will chop up a song and try to make it fit their style.

Not us.

Our goal is to amplify the flavor that’s already there and give it that hard-hitting, heart-pumping edge that you’ve been dreaming of but can’t quite achieve.

It’s not about adding our signature spin to it.

It’s about making your music sound more like YOU than ever.

With over 12 years experience in the studio, we’ve helped rap, trap, R&B, and pop musicians bring out their best and maximize their opportunities – no matter what point they’re at in their careers.

Because in this line of work, you’re only worth as much as your last track.


You need effects?  We got 'em.

Need your drops polished?

How about your vocals stuttered, your voice modded, Flanders effects, or more?

We’re also no strangers to the more “standard” effects like compression, reverbs or delays – and we can even pad in some backing vocals if needed.

Even if your music is an uncut diamond, let us buff that baby up to perfection so it can shine for millions.

Samples of our Work.

Dre'jhean - Sauce Life
Full Mix and Master Sample
Yung Lucky - Come Up
Vocal Mix and Master Sample
Big Buzz Ft. UGZ - Instilled
Custom Exclusive Beat

TEXT ME: 612-772-9354


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