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Beat Production

Beats Tailored to the Vision YOU Have.

We make the beat how YOU want it to sound.

Free Unlimited License! + stems/track outs

Available only to local clients (Minneapolis, MN)

Your vision brought to life.

You know what the beat should sound like in your head.  Our job is to bring it out sonically.

What YOU Get.

1. Custom Beat tailored to your artist identity and sound.

2. Track-outs for the best quality mix possible.

3. Unlimited license to use the beat forever with no sale or performance limitations.

Custom Beat from AHB producer:  Zak "ThreadyBeats" Threadgill.

Book your session now!

beat making.jpg
*Unlimited License*
  • Unlimited Streaming

  • Unlimited Performances

  • Unlimited Comercial Use

Questions about the process?

Feel free to reach out by text to Zak, our Lead Producer.  612-772-9354 Please include your name so we know who you are!


Use our CONTACT US page.

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